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Prof. dr. Guus Schreiber

Guus Schreiber is a professor of Intelligent Information Systems at the Department of Computer Science department of the VU University Amsterdam.

His research interests are mainly in knowledge and ontology engineering, with a special interest for applications in the field of cultural heritage. He was one of the key developers of the CommonKADS methodology. He acts as chair of W3C groups for Semantic Web standards such as RDF, OWL, SKOS and RDFa. His research group is involved a wide range of national and international research projects. He is now project coordinator of the EU Integrated Project NoTube concerned with integration of Web and TV data with the help of semantics and was previously Sceintific Director of the EU Network of Excellence "Knowledge Web".

Schreiber studied medicine at the University of Utrecht. After working two years at the University of Leiden in the Medical Informatics department he joined in 1986 the SWI (Social Science Informatics) group of Bob Wielinga at the University of Amsterdam, where he was involved in research on knowledge engineering. In 1992 he was awarded a Ph.D. on a thesis entitled "Pragmatics of the Knowledge Level". In 2003 he moved to the VU.

Guus Schreiber was the project leader of e-Culture, part of the in the MultimediaN program. Please find the Golden Demo of this project below:

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