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Dr. Steven Scholte

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - Programmagroep Brein en Cognitie

I was born in 1975 and attended high-school in Amsterdam (MLA). I studied philosophy, biology (MSc) and psychology (MA) at the University of Amsterdam. My master thesis work was done at the laboratorium of Fernando Lopes da Silva at the institute for epilepsy (language and motor research by means of MEG), Meer en Bosch and with Pieter Roelfsema at the Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute (figure-figure and figure-ground segmentation). I obtained my Ph.D. (titled Scene Segmentation) in 2003 with work at the Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute and at the department of medical physics (AMC) with Henk Spekreijse and Victor Lamme as 'promotoren'. In 2004 I became assistant professor at the psychology department of the University of Amsterdam and in 2009 associate professor.

Research interests
I have 3 main areas ofresearch. The last years I have worked on perceptual interpretation (the interplay between the physical stimulation of the eye and our history which forms the interpretation of the visual world) and the contents of short-term conscious experience. For this I have used psychophysics, EEG and fMRI.

Currently my research is moving in two new directions. The first: the way the brain encodes en compresses information and the way in which the brain uses structures in the world to efficiently code information. The second: the neuro-anamotical and physiological correlates of personality and intelligence.

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