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Dr. Dennis Reidsma

Dennis Reidsma is Assistant Professor at the Human Media Interaction group and Lecturer at the Creative Technology curriculum at the University of Twente.

After receiving his MSc degree in Computer Science cum laude for a thesis on semantic language processing, Dennis Reidsma completed his PhD degree at the Human Media Interaction group of the University of Twente. His PhD thesis, titled “Annotations and Subjective Machines – of annotators, embodied agents, users, and other humans”, deals with problems of annotation and reliability in large multimodal annotated corpora, and especially the relation between reliability and annotator agreement on the one hand, and the subjective nature of many annotation tasks in the field of human computing on the other hand.

His current research activities focus on two main topics. He supervises a number of BSc, MSc, and PhD students on topics of computational entertainment and interactive playgrounds, carries out various research activities in this area, and is regularly involved in the organization of conferences such as INTETAIN and the conference Advances in Computer Entertainment. In addition, he has published many papers on interaction with Virtual Humans, and consolidated the results of this joint work with Herwin van Welbergen in the release of AsapRealizer (formerly Elckerlyc), a state-of-the-art Open Source software platform for generating continuous interaction with Virtual Humans.

In total, he has co-authored more than 50 cited papers on virtual humans, annotations, computational entertainment, and related topics, among which a best paper at INTETAIN 2011 and UBICOMM 2012, a best demo paper at BNAIC 2008, and two best student paper awards for his students (INTETAIN 2008 and MOG 2010).

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