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Dr. Lucas Noldus

Lucas Noldus is the founder and managing director of Noldus Information Technology and director of Noldus InnovationWorks. He holds an M.Sc. degree in behavioral biology from Leiden University (1983) and a Ph.D. in behavioral ecology from Wageningen University (1989).

Prior to founding Noldus Information Technology in 1989, he conducted research on animal behavior, with a focus on development of experimental setups and data acquisition & analysis software, first at Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China, 1984), subsequently at the Insect Biology & Population Management Research Laboratory, USDA-ARS (Tifton, GA, USA, 1985), and finally at the Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed papers and conference presentations about methods and techniques in behavioral research.

From the start of the company, Lucas has always been closely involved with the development of Noldus Information Technology’s main products, most notably The Observer, EthoVision and the PhenoTyper. In 1996 he co-initiated the Measuring Behavior conference series, which has become a biennial event since then. Lucas is also an experienced trainer and presenter of seminars about methods and techniques in behavioral research at conferences around the world.

Lucas Noldus is the co-founder of two other companies: Delta Phenomics, a contract research organization for preclinical research, and TeleMetronics Biomedical, a developer of biotelemetry equipment.

Besides his work for the company, Lucas Noldus is chairman of the Bioscience Forum, vice president of the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation, secretary of the Man Machine Interaction Platform, board member of the ICT Innovation Platform Brain & Cognition, and chairman of the foundation ICT for Brain, Body & Behavior (i3B).

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