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MSc Jeroen Linssen

PhD student with a background in cognitive artificial intelligence. For more PhD information please see

In the COMMIT/ program I am using my skills to design virtual agents for a serious game. This game will teach police officers about social interaction with civilians. The virtual agents I am designing behave according to their own mental models, based on theories from social psychology. Thus, police officers can interact with these agents and experience how certain real-life situations could play out.

To further improve this experience, I am designing techniques with which the virtual agents can adapt their behaviour to suit the learning needs of police officers. For example, when a police officer has difficulty with approaching dominant civilians, the characters in the game will start behaving more dominant so that the officer receives appropriate training.

My main strengths are my analytical and independent nature as well as my affinity with a broad range of subjects related to artificial intelligence. I am motivated to conduct well-formed research.

Specialties:Research, artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, reasoning systems, educational games

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