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MSc Saskia Koldijk

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I'm a PhD student at Radboud University Nijmegen and TNO.

I studied Artificial Intelligence and am currently working as PhD student in the project SWELL (Smart reasoning systems for well-being at home and at work).

I do research on stress and well-being at work. What happens to us when we are distracted from work or feel time-pressure? Can we read whether someone is stressed from their behavior?

At TNO and RU Nijmegen we look at behavior with various sensors, like Kinect to inspect body postures, camera to look at facial expressions, body sensors to measure heart rate or skin conductance and computer logging to see activities on the computer.

With machine learning we try to recognize behavior and get insights into the level of stress and well-being. Built upon this information, we develop an e-coach that helps to self-manage well-being at work. Stress from time to time for an important deadline is normal, but you should also de-stress and have healthy working patterns to prevent becoming burned out.

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