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MSc Bas Huijbrechts

Senior Scientist at Embedded Systems Innovation by TNO.

A computer scientist by hearth, a solution thinker by experience, an architect by mindset, seeking for the true sense of the art of system architecting.

Genuine and experienced solution and system architect. Capable of driving complex technical solutions. Able to bridge the gap between (external) stakeholders’ requirements and concrete product realizations. Multiple times taken full end to end responsibility to architecture and develop systems from scratch to customer release. Strongly driven and committed by the operational aspects of complex high-tech industry system design. Highly experienced as technical coordinator for multiple projects and product areas. Able to keep the overview driven from a technical conscience and right focus on quality and verification. Solid experience in coordinating large scale projects set up with multiple distributed agile development and/or verification teams. Able to drive, steer and motivate teams to develop, produce and release within commitment. Experienced in introducing and driving model driven development.

Successfully fulfilled solution, system and product management positions.

Qualifications: extremely conscientious, both in delivering results and in being open minded for new ideas and initiatives; team player with strong technical leadership skills; passionate about driving software and solution architecture; experienced scrum driver; strong background in software architecture; customer and time to market focus; release strategies and processes expertise; software version control strategies expertise; coaching; quick learner and swift adapter; good listener; outsourcing expertise; excellent communication and presentation skills; walking the extra mile as a 2nd nature.

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