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Prof. dr. Ron Heeren

Research groupleader Biomolecular Imaging Mass Spectrometry.

Ron M.A. Heeren obtained a PhD degree in technical physics in 1992 at the University of Amsterdam on plasma-surface interactions.

After two years of post-doctoral work on FTICR mass spectrometry he joined the MOLART research team at the FOM-Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics as a project leader, heading the instrumental developments for paint cross-section analysis in early 1995. 

In 1999 he started a research group focussing on macromolecular ion physics with high resolution mass spectrometry and the development of imaging mass spectrometry at AMOLF.

In 2001 he was appointed professor at the chemistry faculty of Utrecht University lecturing on the physical aspects of biomolecular mass spectrometry. He is an active participant in the Netherlands Proteomics Centre and the Virtual Laboratory or e-sciences. His academic research interests are the fundamental studies of the energetics of macromolecular systems, conformational studies of non-covalently bound protein complexes, virtual laboratory technology and the development and validation of new mass spectrometry based proteomic imaging techniques for the life sciences. 

The mass spectrometric imaging facility at FOM-AMOLF under his supervision is used to study neurodegenerative diseases, the molecular basis of cancer and several drug metabolic projects including innovative nanoparticle based drug delivery systems.

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