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Drs. Leo Halvers

He holds an MSc in Physics and Mathematics, University of Amsterdam (1965).

He joined the Koninklijke/Shell Laboratorium, Amsterdam (KSLA) in 1967.

From September 1985 till July 1990 he headed the Social/Economic, Political and Technological Department of the Shell Central Planning Group in London.

Thereafter he was appointed General Manager and Director of Research of KSLA. He was a member of the Boards of Shell International Chemicals B.V., Shell International Oil Products B.V. and Shell Nederland. He retired from the Shell Group in October 1998.

Subsequently  he was the Director of the Technology Council STW a subsidiary of  NWO.

He was a member of the Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy (AWT) of the Dutch Government, member of the ‘Commissie van Wijzen ICES/KIS, member of the Forum for Science and Technology and a member of a number of international advisory councils.