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Dr. Paola Grosso

Assistant Professor System and Network Engineering Research Group, institute for Informatics.

I am a computer scientists with a physics past. Long time ago, I got interested in moving data coming from particle detectors fast and reliably. This interest became a more general research interest in networking.

I am leading the activities in the field of Optical Networking carried out within the group. My current interests are green ICT, provisioning and design of hybrid networks for lambda services; development of information models for hybrid multi-domain multi-layer networks.

I am currently involved in the following other projects:

  • Groene Software, which studies how to make the operations of data centra more sustainable;
  • ENVRI, which builds an architecture for the common operations of environmental research infrastructures;
  • COMMIT, which brings together leading researchers in search engines, parallel computing, databases, interaction in context, embedded systems and knowledge technology;
  • GigaPort3, which researches novel network technologies to apply to the SURFnet7 infrastructure;
  • GreenClouds - Greening ICT clouds.
More information can be found here.

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