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Raymond Franz

Founder Open Sahara
Open Sahara is a semantic backbone. It provides an open source platform for grabbing, annotating and distributing Dutch Internet content of any kind. On top of Open Sahara everybody is invited to develop apps like watch dogs, fact checkers or hyperlocal applications. Because of it's completely open structure, the initial costs of building such apps and turnaround for new semantic business will be minimalized.

Director and Partner TalkingTrends
Brand new company with the UvA Holding which will (re)-develop academic softwaretools into open source Semantic Web applications. The company will concentrate on the Dutch language and provide solutions for publishers, market- and media-research organisations.

Founder / Director TrendLight Netherlands
TrendLight is a research company specialized in high quality media analysis . We help our clients to understand the impact of media attention on their reputation. We advise management and PR how to implement these insights into their communication plans.

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