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Ir. Victor de Graaff

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Ph.D. Candidate.

At this moment, Victor de Graaff is exploring the possibilities to create a toolset for the development of Geo-social Recommender Systems, based on social media activities and geographic information systems. These systems can be used for the recommendation of real estate or holiday homes.

This research is workpackage 6 in the timetrails subproject of COMMIT/.


  • 2013-present: President of the Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PNN)
  • 2012-present: University Council Member (President of the Finances, Personnel, and Operations committee)
  • 2012-present: CTIT Institution Council Member
  • 2012-present: User advisory committee Library & Archive
  • 2012-2013: Secretary of the Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PNN)
  • 2011-2013: Board member / Secretary of the PhD Network University of Twente (P-NUT)

Victor de Graaff is exploring the possibilities to create a geo-social recommender system. This is a recommender system for geographical products, such as real estate or holiday homes, using social media-based user profiles. This work is carried out in close collaboration with the holiday home portal EuroCottage.

Together with Jan Flokstra and Bas Retsios, Victor has created an app to collect trajectories from students during a treasure hunt at the welcome week for new students at the University of Twente.

This app is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

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