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MSc Davide Ceolin

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PhD student member of the Web & Media Group.

The Web & Media group is part of the VU Semantic Web group. We focus on distributed, Web-based multimedia collections. Research topics include knowledge and ontology engineering, semantic enrichment, semantic search, interactive and personalized access, visualization paradigms, and distributed architectures.

We are interested in both the “product” aspects (the resulting languages, ontologies, alignments and patterns) as well as the “process” aspects, including practical ‘how-to-do-it’ guidelines as well as support tools.

We are active participants in W3C activities, e.g.Semantic Web Deployment working group (SKOS and RDFa), OWL working group,Semantic Web interest groupSocial Web incubator groupLibrary Linked Data incubator group.

We actively develop open-source software, e.g. SWI-Prolog (which includes an elaborate Semantic Web library) and ClioPatria (server software for storing, accessing and visualizing large RDF triple stores, developed together with CWI).

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