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Bart Brouwer

Position in Commit/: 
Valorisation Ambassador

Bart Brouwer (1971) studied Graphic Design at Deva. Afterwards he completed this study at the Grafisch Lyceum in Zwolle. During many years of working in various positions (marketing, sales & account management related) within different companies he decided in 2003 to start a full-service advertising agency, and developed this into a well-known agency, especially when it came to developing internet related concepts. After selling this agency in 2005, he founded his own startup and build one of the first “publishing on demand” internet concepts in the Netherlands. It was the first Publishing On Demand online concept with a fully automated design engine, in order to customize manuscripts into real printed books. In 2007 this startup has been sold. Afterwards Bart Brouwer was hired by lots of companies to bring concepts and technology to the market.