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COMMIT/Infiniti project wins the #wole2013

Daan Odijk of the COMMIT/project  INFINITI (project (Information retrieval for information services) has won the  Doing Good by Linking Entities 2013 Challenge  on the WoLE 2013 workshop together with David Graus, Edgar Meij and Tom Kenter. 


The paper describes their (winning!) submission to the Developers Challenge at WoLE2013, “Doing Good by Linking Entities.”

They presented a fully automatic system – called “Semantic TED” – which provides intelligent suggestions in the form of links to Wikipedia articles for video streams in multiple languages, based on the subtitles that accompany the visual content. The system is applied to online conference talks. In particular, they adapt a recently proposed semantic linking approach for streams of television broadcasts to facilitate generating contextual links while a TED talk is being viewed.

TED is a highly popular global conference series covering many research domains; the publicly available talks have accumulated a total view count of over one billion at the time of writing. They exploit the multi-linguality of Wikipedia and the TED subtitles to provide contextual suggestions in the language of the user watching a video. In this way, a vast source of educational and intellectual content is disclosed to a broad audience that might otherwise experience difficulties interpreting it. The winning paper can be downloaded here.