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Best Paper Award Amirhossein Habibian

Amirhossein Habibian of COMMIT/project SEALINCMedia received the Best Paper Award at the 2014 edition of the ACM International Conference on Multimedia. The prize is received for the paper entitled "VideoStory: A New Multimedia Embedding for Few-Example Recognition and Translation of Events" (co-authored by Thomas Mensink and Cees Snoek).


Digital videos are everywhere. Hence, making sense of video data offers a wealth of opportunities for science, for professionals, and for businesses. The scientific challenge is to understand what happens where in the video content automatically. The paper presents an algorithm that projects the pixels of thousands of web videos and their noisy user-provided descriptions into an intermediate multimedia representation, which we call the VideoStory, that is exploited for two innovative video search engines. The first search engine allows automatically recognizing and retrieving videos containing events like “birthday party“, “flash mob gathering” and “rock climbing” from a handful of examples. The second search engine automatically translates any video into a set of keywords best describing its visual content, in effect making digital video as searchable as text.

ACM Multimedia

The ACM International Conference on Multimedia is the premier conference in the multimedia field, which publishes high quality papers presenting novel theoretical and algorithmic solutions addressing problems across the domain of multimedia and related applications. The 2014 edition received 300 submissions. After peer-review 55 were selected for the conference program and 3 were nominated for the best paper award. Thomas Mensink delivered the winning presentation during the conference in Orlando, Florida and received a plaque and a prize worth 1,000 US Dollar. 

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