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How to valorise your research

How to valorise your research

The COMMIT/ valorisation ambassadors, Alain le Loux, Rogier de Haan and Bart Brouwers, wrote the book 'How to valorise your research'. It is written for ICT researchers, academic entrepreneurs of high-tech startups and everyone interested in valorisation.

The seven valorisation steps

Successful valorisation initiatives originate from the creativity, curiosity and motivation of individual researchers, which will lead to interesting research results. But what will be the next step towards gaining impact with these results in society? This book is a practical guide with background information, tips and checklists. Seven chronical steps will lead you towards the final goal.

COMMIT/chair Arnold Smeulders:

'COMMIT/ has excellent valorisation ambassadors and in the second half of COMMIT/ they achieved a lot. Therefore, they tell their best practices and story here once again: what are the do's and don'ts during the valorisation process. Put it to your advantage, because it really works! Commit and go for it!'

Download here the pdf in high resolution: How to valorise your research - HIGH.pdf
Download here the pdf in low resolution: How to valorise your research - LOW.pdf

A paper version of the Demo booklet is available via this webform:
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