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Demo's per page

1. Tracking the use of data all the way
2. To which music is the world listening?
3. Monitoring reputation on Twitter
4. Finding interesting information that you were not looking for
5. Geographically expolring Twitter hot-spots
6. Scavenger Hunt game helps in customer recommendations
7. Smart search using common sense
8. Finding new drugs by visualizing the effect of their ingredients
9. Rapidly finding variations between human genomes
10. Scan and print yourself in 3D
11. Exploration tool for investigative journalists
12. Automatic photo tag recommendation for Flickr
13. Finding the most interesting fragments in a tv-broadcast
14. MediaMill Semanic Video Search Engine
15. Visualization of topic evolution in news articles
16. Automatic risk assessment of vessels in maritime areas
17. Let an intelligent machine explain its decisions
18. A facelift for old software
19. BTWorld: A Large-scale Experiment in Time-Based Analytics
20. Monotoring group emotions
21. Whiskers let your beloved ones feel your mood
22. Early validation of software designs
23. Emergency communication technology for crowd safety
24. Intelligent lampposts warn crowds in emergency situations
25. Automatic testing improves software quality
26. Rapidly visualizing Wikipedia page views
27. Lost in your data? Let Blaeu give you a few tips
28. Predicting the earth’s climate with Graphics Processing Units
29. Building the Internet of the future
30. Telehomecare that protects people’s privacy
31. Trusted healthcare services
32. Web-based tools for handling biomedical Big Data
33. How to get more out of food research
34. Wireless crowd monitoring in Arnhem
35. Using smartphones for emergency messaging
36. Measuring crowd densities for safety and efficiency
37. Tikkertje 2.0
38. Advising optimal step frequency for runners
39. Run, talk and don’t get injured
40. Intelligently grouping amateur runners
41. Learning with your body as interface
42. Playing with emotions in the Moodroom
43. Personalized interactive wall for elderly with dementia
44. Send your loved one a gentle caress via a tactile sleeve
45. An exercise game to reduce the risk of falling
46. A serious game for training social skills of police officers
47. Virtual learning helps people with language problems insocietal participation
48. Involving the end-user in the design process
49. Socially adaptive apps
50. Diabetes: Measuring Less to Feel More
51. Monitoring moods of workers reduces sick leaves
52. Coaching-app helps to find work-life balance
53. Quantifying your life for a better well-being
54. Molecular biobanks unravel the secrets of breast cancer
55. Enriching use and experience of radio content
56. Nichesourced annotation of cultural heritage collections
57. One-click semantic enrichment of scientific data
58. Evaluating the reliability of eHealth-data
59. Privacy transparency tools give more trust in eHealth