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COMMIT/Calls for proposals


COMMIT/Valorisation​ Call 

In order to encourage Valorisation, COMMIT/calls for proposals where, in competition and under COMMIT’s public-private matching principles, short Valorisation projects can be awarded to start innovation trajectories through proof-of-concept product development.

This call aims to bring current COMMIT/results to the next level using inspiration from industrial partners.

Proposals embedding commercial partners outside of today’s COMMIT/ community is a requirement. The short Valorisation project helps to bridge the gap between ICT research and the earliest stage of a marketable innovation. COMMIT/supports good projects for 45% with a maximum budget of 110.000€. The allocated subsidy is thus maximally 50.000€.

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COMMIT/Swallow Call

In the years to come, the impact of digitization and digital (big) data will further increase in a wide range of economic sectors.

Under the ICT-Topsector programming 2016-2019, the public-private COMMIT2DATA program will aim in particular at Energy, Smart Industry, Health & Life Sciences, Digital Content and Security. The COMMIT/Swallow projects are intended to enable technology transfer from the current COMMIT/Program to these new sectors.

At the same time, through the Swallow projects new knowledge partners and new business will become involved in the COMMIT/Ecosystem. The Swallow projects will run for a maximum duration until June 2017, and have an overall budget of maximally 550 k€ (at the usual 45% subsidy).

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