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Why branding?

Programs such as COMMIT/ can demonstrate "the world" how important ICT-research is for the economy and society. A delivered item that has been made possible by COMMIT/funding, simply must be acknowledged as such.

Descripton of COMMIT/

Short (English and Dutch)

  • COMMIT/ is a public- private ICT research community.
  • COMMIT/ is een publiek-private ICT onderzoeksgemeenschap.

Medium (English and Dutch)

  • COMMIT/ is a public- private research community solving grand challenges in information and communication science shaping tomorrow’s society.
  • COMMIT/ is een publiek-private onderzoeksgemeenschap die uitdagingen oplost in de informatie- en communicatiewetenschap voor de maatschappij van morgen.

Long (English and Dutch)

  • COMMIT/ brings together scientific research, non-profit organisations and companies in ICT projects within the nine most important economic sectors in the Netherlands in order to research and develop ground-breaking products and services.

    Within COMMIT/  more than 120 parties, including universities, technology institutes and more than ninety large and small businesses, work together in fifteen public-private projects that play an important role on an international level.

    As such, COMMIT/ contributes to strengthening of the Dutch top sectors and helps to maintain the competitive edge the Netherlands has as a knowledge country.
    For more information, visit:

  • COMMIT/ brengt wetenschappelijk onderzoek en (non-)profit organisaties samen in ICT-projecten binnen de negen belangrijkste economische sectoren van Nederland voor het onderzoeken en ontwikkelen van grensverleggende producten en diensten.

    Binnen COMMIT/ werken meer dan 120 partijen, waaronder universiteiten, technologische instituten en meer dan negentig grote en kleine bedrijven, samen aan vijftien publiek-private projecten die op internationaal niveau een belangrijke rol spelen. Daarmee draagt COMMIT/ bij aan de versterking van de topsectoren en de voorsprong van Nederland als kennisland.
    Lees meer over COMMIT/

Acknowledgment of COMMIT/

Please insert one of these lines in the colophon or in the acknowledgements of all fully or partially sponsored publications:

  • This publication was supported by the Dutch national program COMMIT/.
  • This research was partly funded by COMMIT/.
  • Dit onderzoek is medegefinancierd door COMMIT/.

COMMIT/ videos

There are three movies about COMMIT/ you can use at the beginning of your presentation: