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From 2018 on Commit has started to focus on strengthening and making visible the collaboration between knowledge institutions and companies in the field of ICT Science. The Commit research projects have been completed. Much of the research that emerged from this is being continued in other projects and studies. In the coming years, Commit will put its energy into undertaking various activities to link and to make visible the public-private partnership in the field of ICT Science.

A short history of COMMIT/:

Between 2011 and 2017 Commit has brought together more than 130 partners - knowledge institutions (general and technical universities), start-ups, SMEs, corporate companies and non-profit organizations - across the entire ICT-Science. They worked together in the Commit ICT research program in fifteen public-private projects that covered research areas in well-being, well-working, public safety, science, information services, and with applications in culture, agriculture, and health care.

Commit has succeeded in combining excellent knowledge partners with industry and has served as a bridge for the knowledge gap and differences, in ways of working and problem solving in academia and industry. The results transcend considerably beyond the state-of-the-art and are reflected in several Commit publications​:The golden demos of Commit​, COMMOTION – a magazine for the public with interviews and articles​ - and How to valorize your research. Commit research has often reached the press, from professional literature, to widely read newspapers and online media. Through a collaboration with Kennislink the knowledge could be spread even further to a general public. Many films were made within the Commit Community to explain the research in an understandable way. Commit funded many PhD researchers that successfully defended their PhD thesis. Finally, Commit has organized conferences and workshops that targetted actors in the ICT innovation system that are not part of Commit.