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About Novay

As a research institute, Novay achieves ICT-driven innovations at businesses as well as government organizations. Based on an independent and multidisciplinary approach we realize pioneering innovations that have an impact on individuals, society and economy.

Often we will work together with companies, universities or government. We call this networked innovation. That approach makes us unique in the Netherlands. We are convinced that collaborative investment in innovation is more effective and leads to better results faster.

This is the basis for our services. We offer an inspiring open network, a strong personal vision on innovation and unique knowledge, based on research. We advise organizations on new services and concepts and put them to the test. We develop tools that help organizations to innovate on an ongoing basis and to do so successfully. We also help with the introduction of new concepts and tools.

We are:

  • Not-for-profit and independent
  • A technological institute, with a human face
  • Focused on impact for individuals, society and economy

We offer:

  • A clear vision on ICT for people and organizations Inspiration based on our vision, our expertise and our network
  • Advice and support in innovation processes
  • Concept development through co-development

We do this for: Companies and organizations that see opportunities, want to be inspired, or find partners to achieve impact with, through ICT innovations.