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Visual Storytelling by Onno van der Veen


This presentation was used by Onno van der Veen (Zeeno) in one of the workshops during the COMMIT/ Kick-off.

This is a story about storytelling. Created for a masterclass on communicating ideas for a group of ICT scientists of the COMMIT/ research project.

It tells the story of Jonathan, a scientist who has to communicate his research to investors. Until now his experience with telling about his work has not been very positive. Most of the time people fall asleep. So Jonathan tries to find out how to tell his story in such a way that his audience stays awake. Take a look and see what he found out.

COMMIT/ brengt wetenschappelijk onderzoek en (non-) profit organisaties samen in toegepaste ICT projecten binnen de negen belangrijkste economische sectoren van Nederland voor het onderzoeken en ontwikkelen van grensverleggende producten en diensten.