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COMMIT/ Royale: Final event

The final community day 'COMMIT/ Royale' was on 9 November 2016.

A program with The Commit Story, pitches of COMMIT/ research, presentation of Commit2Data and a keynote about Mathematical Decision Making in Poker.


Commotion, 56 pages with ICT science!  Check it out.


We have only just begun!

Commotion is 56 pages ICT science with interviews, columns, news flashes and products. It’s about speed skating, cyber security, the stock market, predicting floods, managing stress, crowd control, green computing, animations, running and lost more.

All examples of research done in the COMMIT/program. Five years of research led to new insights, innovations, new products, alliances, friendships. Young computer scientists talk about their research, what’s their motivation and their next step in their career.

Come and read about the world of ICT science and realise it’s all around you.